Top Ten Cheap Web Hosting Providers

Price: $7.95 Storage: 5 GB Transfer: 75 GB Emails: Unlimited
Price: $7.95 Storage: 20 GB Transfer: 300 GB Emails: 5000
Micfo @3
Unix, Reseller, Dedicated Emails: Unlimited, Transfer: 75GB, Storage: 5GBPrice: $7.95 Storage: 5 GB Transfer: 250 GB Emails: Unlimited
Price: $7.95 Storage: 30 GB Transfer: 750 GB Emails: 2500
Price: $7.95 Storage: 20 GB Transfer: 500 GB Emails: Unlimited
Price: $7.95 Storage: 5 GB Transfer: 400 GB Emails: Unlimited
Unix, Reseller, Dedicated Emails: Unlimited, Transfer: 75GB, Storage: 5GBPrice: $7.95 Storage: 20 GB Transfer: 950 GB Emails: Unlimited
Price: $7.95 Storage: 15 GB Transfer: 100 GB Emails: Unlimited
PowWeb @9
Price: $7.95 Storage: 12 GB Transfer: 300 GB Emails: Unlimited
Price: $7.95 Storage: 20 GB Transfer: 750 GB Emails: 100

Web Hosting Providers

Today such words as "provider", "server", "hosting", "collocation" and so on are frequently used not only by specialists but by average individuals. The thing is that more and more people begin to use Internet space to offer services or good. This system helps one to attract great amount of customers throughout the world due to the Internet abilities. The location of one’s site online is called hosting and is conducted by host companies or providers. They keep sites on servers, which provide permanent connection to the Internet and this makes site available and viewable.

Hosting may be of different types, that is dedicated, shared, collocation, it may be paid or even free. Probably, you wonder why do you need to host your site at provider. The answer is simple, it is impossible to locate the site in the Internet with the help of your own personal computer and to obtain high-class results. Most likely, that you create the site to make it accessible to others 24/7, however simple PC is not able to cope with this task. Dealing with hosting provider you can be sure that all the sites will be placed servers with large hard disks, strong processors, wide memory store and fast connection, of cause.

In comparison with home PC, professional hosting supply you with 24/7 service and technical support. It means that if something goes wrong Internet connectivity you are free from worrying and team of technicians will deal the breakdown. Moreover, every hosting provider offer a set of services and features, such as disk space, bandwidth, back up, email, shopping cart and so on. Depending on the type of your web site it is possible to choose the company and package that can cater your needs.

Cheap Web Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Budget Web Hosting

So, it may be situation when you desire to create your personal home page, where only private information about you will be included. In such cases, the owner of the site do not have great goals, thus, he do not require a lot of bandwidth and disk space, and cheap web hosting will be great solutions for you. However, there are people who use web hosting in order to realize quite bulky commercial online projects. If that's the case, you need reliable and experienced providers and properly chosen hosting package.

One of hosting types of hosting is shared hosting, which implies the following: you become an owner of server part together with some other web site owners. You can install the software you need and manage the site as you like. Even if you are not rather experienced in web hosting services field, but you want your site to be available 24/7 shared hosting is your right choice. As a rule, shared web hosting is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

One of the most popular types is budget hosting, since it doesn’t require a lot of investments but it provides with top-notch services and options. There are companies, which offer budget hosting, which can help you to create professional online presentation, cause only innovative equipment is used by provider and reliable customer support is provided. If you want to save money and to get good service, budget web hosting is what you demand.

Hosting Explained

What do you understand about hosting services? Its actual meaning is a web hosting package with very cheap price, normally below $10 permonth. Setup fee, monthly fee or any other extra charges are almostnegligible.

Hosting Articles

Article: Shared Web Hosting Benefits Shared web site hosting means to keep a multiple web sites on a single hard drive, which is operated by a single server. There are enormous companies present that provide the facility...
Article: Free Web Hosting Consideration There are web hosting companies that ask you to pay for their web hosting services, but there are some companies that offer free hosting taking no charges...
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Free Hosting
One of the most talked about features of managed web hosting service is the idea of independence. Because you're the one that controls the server activity for your website, you don't have to worry about downtimes or problems with competing web site traffic. You can easily enlarge the bandwidth on your website server to accommodate higher traffic counts as well as use your own control panel to change features on the site too.
Free Image Hosting
The most effective hosting services will include some form of security protection that includes password-protected access and the use of SSL certificates. Some may offer marketing discounts and submission packages to the top search engines. This may include coupons or discounts towards...
Free Website Hosting
If you're thinking about shared web page hosting services, you will want to keep in mind that you will be sharing server space with other websites. For smaller web pages that don't generate a lot of traffic, this is a fine fit.
Affordable Web Site Hosting
Excellent reasonably priced web site hosting services are crucial when you want to keep your business or personal web site up and running. But when you start to see troubles with your existing web site host, is there anything you can do? While you might have done all of your homework before you signed up, sometimes you might need to change your hosting provider - here's how.
Low Cost Web Hosting Services
These plans or services are for those who have a very small business or informational site. These plans are almost same like free hosting plans in both cost and features. But a large number of hosts are still providing some important features at very economical rates.
Best WebHosting
Best web hosting provides some great features like free shopping cart, no setup fee, free domain names, free sub domain names, a user friendly control panel. Which can make it easier to handle web site that the client has uploaded, best hosting reseller program.
Internet Web Hosting
Some people get confused in between Internet domain hosting and Internet website hosting, well they mean all the same and have no difference. Before you start searching for a web host, you must familiarize yourself with the terminology used in this field. The following terms are also considered key factors in deciding the suitable hosting plan that meets your requirements.
UK Web Hosting
UK web hosting providers understand that webmasters can no longer afford to rely on unreliable web hosting and that your online presence relies on your site being obtainable 24/7 . This is why business web hosting providers in UK provide fast and reliable website hosting on Unix Servers for both personal and business needs. UK Unix web hosting is one of the most popular hosting provided in UK.
Low Cost Web Hosting
Some people classify low cost web hosting on the same level as free web hosting and while this may seem a little harsh, there are certain factors one needs to be very careful about when going for low cost web hosts.
Hosting is pronounced in many ways like Web site hosting, Web hosting, and Webhosting. It is a process of placing your web pages on a web server, so that your website remain online, all the time on the internet, and every person throughout the world who has an internet connection can view and access your website.
Canada Web Hosting
If you are building a web site by Canadians for Canadians, there are many advantages to using a Canada cheap web hosting service. Canada domain hosting services will have their servers based in Canada, and if you are targeting a primarily Canadian audience this can assist in the viewing of your web site.
Web Hosting Service
Different companies provide diverse kinds of hosting services. What are hosting services? The ability to host a web site on to a server so that different people via means of Internet and the one who provides this facility to host a web site can view it online is known as the web hosting services provider.
Web Hosting Company
Web hosting service is the service that is cheap and includes fewer features in its plans this is feasible only for small business web hosting due to the lack of features...
Colocation Hosting
Colocation service providers or just colocation providers are either the data center owners themselves, companies who rent space in the data center, or collocation resellers who are not located on-site, provide the basic colocation services. They are dependable for providing colocation services.
Domain Hosting
Multiple domain hosting is like web hosting business on a shoestring budget. The first step is to get a multiple domain name hosting account. For example, if you take out an account that allows up to 6 websites (or domains), you can use one of the domains for development of your own site; and, still have 5 domain names to allocate to your clients sites.
Web Hosting Provider
Web hosting providers are divided into lots of categories like managed hosting providers, free or paid hosting providers, Linux/Unix hosting providers and many more. You have to choose the best suitable among the all web hosting solution providers for your website.
Email Hosting
When selecting an email hosting provider, it is critical that you research the environment where the email applications are hosted.
PHP Web Hosting
PHP is an HTML-embedded web scripting language. This means PHP code can be inserted into the HTML of a web page. When a PHP page is accessed the PHP code is read or "parsed" by the server the page resides on.
Personal Web Hosting
Personal web hosting sites typically come with 15MB to 80MB of space for stashing files. That's more than enough for a personal site.
Web Page Hosting
Web page hosting is common these days as every company has its web site, which is hosted on to a specific location and can be viewed by Internet.
Web Site Hosting
In shared web hosting, multiple sites are hosted on a single server. Shared hosting provider serves pages for multiple Web sites, each having its own Internet domain name, from a single Web server.

Top Rated Hosts

1. HostGator - $7.95 Free 6 dedicated IP in shared accounts
Review - 5GB - 75GB
2. InMotionHosting - $7.95 Free 6 dedicated IP in shared accounts
Review - 20GB - 300GB
3. Micfo - $7.95 Free 6 dedicated IP in shared accounts
Review - 5GB - 250GB
4. BlueHost - $7.95 Free 6 dedicated IP in shared accounts
Review - 30GB - 750GB
5. Dot5Hosting - $7.95 Free 6 dedicated IP in shared accounts
Review - 20GB - 500GB
6. Lunarpages - $7.95 Free 6 dedicated IP in shared accounts
Review - 5GB - 400GB
7. midPhase - $7.95 Free 6 dedicated IP in shared accounts
Review - 20GB - 950GB
8. iPowerWeb - $7.95 Free 6 dedicated IP in shared accounts
Review - 15GB - 100GB
9. PowWeb - $7.95 Free 6 dedicated IP in shared accounts
Review - 12GB - 300GB
10. HostMonster - $7.95 Free 6 dedicated IP in shared accounts
Review - 20GB - 750GB